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We proudly introduce

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A range of security products that makes your life safer than ever.

Direct support

LOCK offers direct support line to end-users at Tel: (03) 8317 9073.


LOCK provides solutions to all kind of security system installation.




LOCK offers the best warranty program in the industry of up to 4 years.

LOCK camera examples

LOCK camera introduction  Cameras

Being an experienced CCTV manufacturer, we know that cameras are the core part, the eyes of any security system. Therefore, we now proudly introduce our very own LOCK Cameras.

  • User friendly
  • Professional look
  • Durable and reliable
  • Free software app
  • High quality images
  • Certified and tested
LOCK dvr nvr examples

LOCK dvr nvr introduction  Video Recorders

To match with our high quality cameras, we offer our range of LOCK video recorders that covers all environment from small residentials or commercial offices with our LITE series to large industrial warehouses with our PRO series.

  • User friendly
  • Sleek and professional looking
  • LITE serie recorders for small to medium security systems.
  • PRO serie recorders for industrial-grade security systems.

LOCK intercom introduction  Intercom

Enjoy the safety of your home while still being able to communicate with anyone at your door.

Easy to install

Any electrician can install our system with ease.

Built-in camera

Keep a watchful eye on your front door/gate.

Built-in audio

Talk to anyone at your front door from behind your locked door.

LOCK intercom examples

Durable & Reliable

Industry-proven vandal-proof and weather-proof design.

Elegant designs

Sleek and clean design that fits into any house designs.

Scalable solution

Solutions for any structure size from small units to multi-story apartments.

Your benefits for using

LOCK benefits

With LOCK, we ensure that you get the best custom support on the market and by using our products, you will enjoy numerous benefits that are only exclusive with us.

Reliable Company

We make sure to give you the best price on the market.

Technical Support

Experienced and professional Australian-based support team.

End Users Support

We have an end user customer support line so you can focus on growing your business.

Extended Warranty

We offer up to 4 years warranty for all LOCK products.

Monthly Promotion

We offer monthly discount on selected LOCK packages.

Member's Exclusive Price

Become our loyal customers and receive our exclusive prices, only for you!

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