We also know closed circuit Television as the video surveillance, and it is the technique used in video camera for the transmission of the signal to a specific place, on a limited number of screens. And it is different from the broadcast tv as the signal is not openly being transmitted, however, it can employ from time to time the point to point or the point to multiport or various others.

However, you will find that all of the video cameras, can fit this requirement. However, the term often applied to those that are being used for the surveillances and the one that can monitor the stores, banks as well as the highly sophisticated area where top security is required. However, Videotelephony is not the CCTV as well as one exception is as well like the in-distance education through the video, and it is an important tool there as well. Lock is one of the best CCTV suppliers.

Surveillance of the public is a quite common service done for the security purpose. And in the recent times the use of the body worn cameras has also been introduced as a new style of surveillance, that is often used in the process of enforcement of the law. The camera in this is being fixed on the Police officers’ chest or the head and the video surveillance is then done from a closed room or the surveillance room.

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Posted on May 01, 2019